Portneuf Grille and Lounge in Lava Hot Springs

After you've relaxed in the Lava Hot Springs for a while, you probably are feeling quite hungry. There is no better way to fill your belly than by eating five-star food. While Lava Hot Springs has tasty treats and mouth watering meals to make your stay wonderful, none will feel as classy as the Portneuf Grille. The menu might be small, but it shifts throughout the year, and ensures you are eating only the freshest ingredients.

Every entree, appetizer, and wine will make you feel like you are spending time in a restaurant by Gordon Ramsey. French cuisine is generally front and center at this grille, but there are Italian, American and Seafood dishes to enjoy as well. If you stop in Lava Hot Springs, make this one of your night meals. Though it's pricey, you'll be happy that you went. 


Mussels - $16
Hummus - $8
Seared Ahi Tataki - $14
Roasted Tomato Bruschetta - $14
Penne Mac and Cheese - $8

Lamb Bolognaise - $24
Herb Roasted Chicken - $24
Pan Roasted Salmon - $26
Seafood Stew - $30
Leg of Duck Confit - $25
Angus Ribeye - $38
Prime Rib - $32


On top of the delicious food options, Portneuf Grille offers 20 different kinds of wine! For people who don't want to spend too much on drinks, you can also grab a hard seltzer, beer, or soda for a fairly modest price. Here are a few of the favorites:

White Wines:
Italian White - $8/$32
Rose - $10/$40
Chardonnay - $10/$40
Sauv Blanc - $10/$40

Red Wines:
Rioja - $12/$48
Merlot - $16/$64
Pinot Noir - $14/$56